November 1, 2008

ok, so today, we played a friday night set. it was pretty rad. i enjoyed it because i really enjoyed it because before the set i stayed in egs to listen to the message, stephen vennabal spoke, he sounds like dane cook, so much so that i have a hard time trying to pay attention. anyways, he spoe about the coming kingdom, and how much we lack in understanding right now. it hit my heart, because i am still sleeping. my heart is not awake towards gods affections.

i need more of jesus.

he brought up the devestating statistics:

how many of us have ever heard an enitre sermon soley devoted to preaching on jesus? about his beauty? about his majesty, about his leadership, judgement, about his mystery?

i never heard an entire message about jesus, before coming to kansas city ( this is not a plug for kansas city), i never heard a full 30 minutes of talk just about jesus.

i do not know him, not how i want to. im hungry for him. i want more him.

i NEED more of jesus.

praying and fasting, devoting my life to ministering to the lord, by playing worship unto him, and by serving in his house, being a “watchmen on the wall” (this is not a plug for myself) it is the wisest thing i can do with my life until Jesus comes back.

i wasnt saying that to promote myself, but rather to promote abandoning ourselves fully to god. i am not there yet. i still do the things i hate, and the things i ought to do i dont.

i need more of jesus.

i want real devotion. i want his heart to be my heart, to have fellowship that never ceases with the holy spirit.

i want love that surpasses knowledge. and faith that outweighs any circumstance.


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