May 6, 2009

genesis 12: 1-3 “now the lord said to abram, go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that i will show you. and i will make of you agreat nation, and i will bless you and make your name great so that you will be a blessing. i will bless those who bless you and him who dishonors you i will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

im wondering how god chose abraham to be blessed…was it because he came from the line of Shem? or was it because he could see abrahams future obedience and devotion…i.e. willingness to sacrifice isaac, his own son…which by the way seems like such a peculiar form of refining…but none the less an extremely qualified act to examplify obedience!

i dont have solid answers yet, but i am sure about one thing…

god is not like us. what he qualifies as good, perfect, beautiful, or fast or slow, timing…none of that compares to how we view it. he is so much bigger than us. so much other than us.

i had a funny thought yesterday.

i was sitting in the prayer room, and reading about other religions, when all of the sudden i realized that i dont know any other god, except my god! that sounds so cheesy. but im serious. take me literal. i dont know the god of islam. i dont know the “messiah” that the jews are waiting for…i dont know buddah, and i dont know hari krishna or other states of mind to enter into…i dont know them because they cannot speak…they cannot heal…they cannot interact with me…they cannot change things in the heavens…or send me fire from above…they can only decieve and dull my spirit from the truth. they can only produce frustration, or a life full of addiction to whatever altered state i may have been able to achieve. but they are always lacking. i can never walk away satisfied.

but the thing i was thinking was just how much i would actually miss my FRIEND jesus. he actually cares. he actually bled for me. he knew from before the creation of the world that i was to be created and have a purpose. he isĀ  my bridegroom, jealous for my affections. his purging is to my benefit, and his jealousy for a heart that reciprocates affection isnt like any other.

i think about how he turns his head looking too and fro to find one who will love him. how his heart actually aches, breaks, and interceeds for his children! he is actually alive. waiting to claim his bride. he literally is alive. the firstborn from the dead. already in the glorified body. he is alive. walking around somewhere. interceeding to the father on my behalf. i just. cant. believe. it.abraham


psalm 7

May 5, 2009

images“O LORD my God, in you do i take refuge;

save me from all my pursuers and deliver me,

lest like a lion they tear my soul apart,

rending it in pieces, with none to deliver.”

the deceased Jew is to be laid on the ground with his eyes closed, meanwhile the gaurds (for he is never left alone because it would be disrespectful) would not be allowed to eat or drink or perform mitzvot. to do so would be disrespectful to the dead because he is no longer able to do those things. which ultimately made my mind wander to the fact that we are meant to be higher in the food chain than a lion, who while eating you, is actually disrespecting you twice! ha ha! humiliation would occur on 2 levels…

this of course is just a random thought.

but while looking at this passage, David’s pursuers were ruthless. desiring all that he had, and more so looking to avenge his intimacy and favor with the lord. i wonder what it looked like for his brothers to bow down to their baby brother? how humiliating. i imagine that if David was dashing, yet young, what did his brothers look like? what kind of ego’s had they developed at this point? how much more were men of stature, politically or even just physically looking down upon David?…yet the lord saw a man’s HEART. he recognized David by his good fragrance. thus, his cries for mercy, were indeed, heard, and more so, met.

an interesting fact is that the coffin should remain closed, so that the dead’s enemies may not be able to look upon him in such a helpless state.

his pursuers would be so completely brutal and he would receive no mercy. perhaps we can even take his body being torn apart to the point that there would be nothing to deliver to those who mourn him, literally.

the lion looks to kill with a bite to the throat or back of the neck…

i can see the resemblance of the devil, because he is a backbiter as well. and like the lions, he flanks the prey giving hope of an escape until they are ambushed with fierce jaws of death…with a lion literally…

i hate that the devil’s schemes always begin with the most attractive lie….like the anti christ and his coming deception of world peace. as soon as you believe it and desire it, its true form and colors are revealed, and your eyes of enlightenment are VITAL to discipher the truth!

once again, im not sure if im coherent in my trains of thought…but i hope i am!

the difference between the wicked man and the righteous man is that when the righteous man repents, with true repentence(according to the scriptures) he can approach god for justice because of the blood spilled by the mediator!

tower of babel

May 4, 2009

tower-of-babel1i just was reading through genesis 11. about the tower of babel.

“come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

at that time there was only one language. i had a revelation. that when man comes together with one langauage or one common goal, the “greater good” becomes the priority. all sense of true spirituality is lost, because we no longer look to jesus, but look to the ministry. i say ministry because i imagine that a generation so close to that of adam and eve’s, would still be focused on some sort of worship. whether it be christian or not, i use that term loosely because christ had not come yet (none the less was he present, for he was from the beginning. in another form, but none the less the son who has compassion on us, and devotion and sincerity to the father in his heart!) anyways, i suppose that this would have to be an incredible foreshadow of things to come…the merchants of souls spoken of in revelation, the one world monetary system…all of which brought such a unity that was inevitably evil and humanistic at its roots. all of this, and the actual tower itself was enough to make the lord come down to see it.

i think the text implies that all the world accumulated at the one location, thus the tight grips of globalization was birthed. westernization is one form of its powers, conforming others into a certain way of life. (technology, law, economics, fashion, worship, diet, etc.) with a large concentration of people in one city, it is bound to multiply the opportunity and influence of sin.

“be fruitful and multiply”, was not a suggestion. yet a command that grabs our desires, yet none the less deserving of chastening when broken. i think of a mini documentary i saw about the growth of islam against every other people group…it is irreversible, the effects of minimized reproduction of brothers and sisters in Christianity is coming. we will see the effects in 5 to 7 years, and how much more will we suffer for the gospel then?

i enjoy the fact that god dispersed them, and confused their language. did that mean he just picked them up and moved them, literally? did they one day wake up not knowing where they were? he confused their tongues…did they have to learn how to speak all over again, or were they left with a complete knowledge of a new language? like saying hello in english one day, and the next saying hola in spanish, and it sounded all the same?

god truly can do what he pleases. and yet every move he makes is just. it is more than understandable, it is in fact the right move. no matter what he does, it is his nature to do that which makes the most sense, whether we can discern it or not.

this text foreshadows the complacency and confidence that we put in ourselves as humans. as if we were a race in which perfection could lay. nature is a curse we fight. we will always remain made in HIS image, and not HIM made in ours.

im not sure if this made sense, but hopefully it did!